As someone who owns a business, we know that you understand how important it is to keep your property, employees, and work equipment safe from fire hazards. But, something you might not know is how often you should get your sprinkler system inspected and what you can expect during the sprinkler examination. Today, we will talk about what an inspection and test include, when and why you need to do them, and what to expect once you have finished scheduling your own.

A fire sprinkler system inspection and test in Burnaby includes a complete examination and testing of all equipment that is in your system. Some of the components that will be inspected include sprinkler heads, control valves, piping and triggers. Your technician will test that your trigger system functions and adequate pressure is present as a response.

In most cases, fire sprinkler systems should be examined by the building owner weekly. Getting professional inspections should be conducted at least once each year. Wet systems are required to be tested by the National Fire Protection Association every five years. Dry systems will need testing every ten years.

You will need to prepare for your inspection, but what you need to do is pretty minimal but will ensure a smooth process. First, you will need to have your fire inspection and maintenance records on hand for the technician to look over when they arrive at your facilities. Make sure that as much of your fire system is as exposed as possible to make things easily accessible for the technician. Be sure to clear away areas in your equipment room or clean up any clutter that could be obstructing the system. Lastly, you should have someone available who is familiar with your work site to walk the property with the technician.

If you fail to get your fire sprinkler system checked adequately, then this can lead to false triggers as your equipment begins to succumb to wear and tear over time. This can result in unnecessary damage to your property, your equipment or the files that you have within your building.

Most importantly, not getting regular inspections and testing done leaves your building entirely unprotected in the event of a fire. This can result in a huge loss in property, personal injury or even death in the worst case scenario.

Getting your fire sprinkler and fire alarm system in Vancouver inspected and tested routinely every year is crucial to maintaining the safety of yourself, your buildings, and your employees’ safety. Contact one of our highly trained professionals from Mountain Fire Protection for more information when you are ready to get your system inspected or tested to make sure everything is functioning correctly.